Derek Boshier

Photograph by Michel Jean Philippe

Derek Boshier emerged in the early 1960s as a pioneering figure in the British Pop Art movement. His art practice ranges from pop art to politically radical conceptual art.

Social commentary has been a major element of his work, covering topics ranging from gun control and police brutality, to the practices of multinational corporations. He works in different media including drawing, printmaking, film, books, sculpture, installations and photography. He has reached a wider audience through his graphic work for popular music artists such as The Clash and David Bowie.

Boshier currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Alongside his practice, he is an accomplished teacher and lecturer. Since his first solo exhibition in 1962, he has had numerous international solo and mixed exhibitions. His work can be found in public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; British Council and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Derek is represented by Gazelli Art House in London, Night Gallery in Los Angeles, Tanya Leighton Gallery in Berlin and Galerie du Centre in Paris.