Michelle Charles

Michelle Charles at Jo Watanabe Studio, New York

Guy Brett in a catalogue essay for Kettle’s Yard “Painting What Is Not There”, points out that in order “To render the transparent she must make use of a material that is opaque. How the opaque is transformed into transparency is one of the sources of the magic in her art. The change is not in the material, which remains dense, but occurs in our understanding, our perception.”

Michelle Charles is an artist whose work has been shown at galleries and museums that include: Kettle’s Yard, UK, John Weber Gallery, Anthony Grant, The New Museum, and countless other international spaces.  Recent awards include; a third Pollock Krasner Foundation fellowship, and a Bryan Robertson Fellowship. 

Her work is also held in public collections across the world including the British Museum, Wellcome Collection, the museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum and the National Gallery of Art, Washington.