Peter Finnemore


Peter Finnemore’s fine art photographic practice originates from existential enquiry, where he seeks to "make visible". Finnemore is noted for his long-term projects on the human condition, generational memory, home, nature, culture, history and the post-industrial landscape.

His working practice is a fluid exchange between the language of photography and fine art sensibilities. These artworks manifest themselves as photographs, digital video, installations, artist books and performance. Finnemore's art occupies an alchemic, mytho-poetic territory between matter-of-fact documentation and lyrical transformation. With visual dexterity, pathos and trickster humour, his images operate simultaneously on a number of levels, occupying a wide emotional and intellectual spectrum from the profound to the absurd.

A graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, Finnemore represented Wales at the 2005 Venice Biennale. His artwork is in a number of private and public collections, including Lidice Memorial Museum, Czech Republic; Argos Centre for Art and Media, Belgium; The Art Museum, Princeton University, USA; and the Arts Council Collection, England. He is included in the recent survey Photography Today: A History of Contemporary Photography, published by Phaidon. 

Finnemore lives and works in Wales.