Eric Lesdema

Untitled 2, Fortunes of War, 1995-97 by Eric Lesdema

Eric Lesdema was awarded the UN Nikon World Prize for Photography in 1997 for his inaugural body of photographic work, Fortunes of War. The work captures moments that are yet to happen - a method he calls ‘Ant-Optic’.

Liberating his formative practice from objective photography, he extracts the empirical from the scientific and in doing so has set in motion an inexhaustible 21st century modus operandi around cognition and visual perception, collapsing traditional boundaries between photography and installation, art and craft, aesthetics and utility.

He has lectured and exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally. His work is held in several collections. He has undertaken photography, film, installation and text commissions for several institutions including Photoworks. In 2002 he was awarded an International Fellowship by the British Council and Arts Council. He lives and works in Wales.