How it works

Licensing with Artimage

  • 24-hour response time
  • Fast-track licensing on 1000s of images 
  • Image & licence within 1 day for majority of requests

Some artists or copyright owners reserve the right to be consulted whenever we receive a request to license their work, or for certain types of uses, such as merchandising. As we have a direct connection with the artists, we do everything we can to obtain permission and issue a licence to meet your deadline. Any restrictions on a particular image will be on the image's detail page.  

Request images 

1. Sign up for a free Artimage account

2. Search for images: choose the images you want or create lightboxes.

3. Request high-resolution images directly online or speak to the Artimage team about sourcing specific images.

4. We provide you with a quote and advise you how long it will take. We acknowledge your request within one working day.

5. We agree terms with you. Once permission has been granted, we issue two signed copies of the licence agreement. Sign both copies and return one to us.

6. We send you the images. Once payment is received, we send you a link to access the image file/s. You can pay us online via Worldpay, by credit card over the phone or make a BACS payment.

Our prices

Our prices are based on the way in which an image is used and how commercial the project is. For example, an image will command a higher fee the more prominently it is featured (e.g. on the front cover of a book, or in an advertising campaign). 

If the copyright in the image also needs to be cleared, a licensing fee may also apply in addition to the image hire fee. 

Please find below our current prices:

Pay online

We take payment online via Worldpay or accept bank transfers. Invoices include a pay by link option and our bank details.

Contact us 

Please contact our team who can provide a quote or to find more about clearing copyright through us: or call 020 7780 7550.