Recently licensed: The 21st Century Art Book

The 21st Century Art Book, licensed through Artimage, is a comprehensive A-Z guide to the best contemporary art since the start of the millennium and complements the landmark tome, The Art Book.

Recently licensed: The 21st Century Art Book

A comprehensive A-Z of today’s best contemporary art

Published by Phaidon, The 21st Century Art Book celebrates the contemporary visual arts of today, the prolific output of its creators since 2000 and their varying techniques and approaches.

The A-Z book introduces over 280 artists, each with a full-page artwork and accompanying text to explain the work and its creator. Artists include Charles Avery, Dexter Dalwood, Tracey Emin, Roger Hiorns, Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer and Yinka Shonibare MBE – all of whom are represented on Artimage.

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The 21st Century Art Book is out now and can be purchased from a range of retailers as well as through Phaidon’s online store.

DACS worked with Phaidon to license images through Artimage, as well as license the copyright for artists including Marina Abramović, Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra. The licence fees go back towards supporting the artists and their practice.

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Untitled (Design for Jadindagadendar), 2014, Charles Avery:

Untitled Design For Jadindagadendar 2014 Detail Charles Avery 550 

Skunk Hour, 2011, Dexter Dalwood:

Skunk Hour 2011 Dexter Dalwood Photo Dave Morgan 550 

Hate and power can be a terrible thing, 2004, Tracey Emin:

Hate And Power Can Be A Terrible Thing 2004 Tracey Emin Mage Courtesy White Cube Photo Stephen White 550 

Seizure, 2008, Roger Hiorns:

Seizure 2008 An Artangel Jerwood Commission Harper Road London Roger Hiorns Image Courtesy Corvi Mora London Photo Marcus Leith 550 

For the Love of God, 2007, Damien Hirst:

For The Love Of God 2007 Damien Hirst Photo Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd 550 

MONUMENT, 2008, Jenny Holzer:

MONUMENT 2008 Installation View ENDGAME Sprueth Magers Berlin 2012 Text US Government Documents Jenny Holzer Photo Jens Ziehe 550 

Last Supper (after Leonardo), 2013, Yinka Shonibare MBE:

Last Supper After Leonardo 2013 Detail Yinka Shonibare MBE 550 

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Image credits from top: The 21st Century Art Book (Phaidon, 2014), Photo: DACS; Untitled (Design for Jadindagadendar), 2014 (detail) © Charles Avery, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014; Skunk Hour, 2011 © Dexter Dalwood, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014, Photo: Dave Morgan; Hate and power can be a terrible thing, 2004 © Tracey Emin, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014, Courtesy White Cube, Photo: Stephen White; Seizure, 2008, An Artangel / Jerwood Commission, Harper Road, London © Roger Hiorns, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014, Photography by Marcus Leith, Courtesy Corvi-Mora, London; For the Love of God, 2007 © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014, Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd; MONUMENT, 2008 (Installation view, ENDGAME, Sprüth Magers, Berlin, 2012. Text: U.S. government documents) © Jenny Holzer. ARS, NY and DACS, London 2014, Photo: Jens Ziehe; Last Supper (after Leonardo), 2013 (detail) © Yinka Shonibare MBE, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014, Courtesy Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.